Become a Rockfort Markets Partner
Learn how you can become a Partner of Rockfort Markets.

At Rockfort Markets we can provide a number of different partner solution that will allow you to use your existing business and network of clients to earn additional income via trading rebates.

If you have existing clients who want to trade we can provide attractive rebate schemes in a number of different ways depending on what infrastructure you currently have.

The “Introducer broker Program” is an opportunity for both individuals and companies to receive a commission for referring clients to Rockfort Markets Limited, a New Zealand licensed company.

FX/CFD Trading

You can earn up to 30% of Rockfort Markets commissions generated by the clients referred by you or you can choose an attractive one-off payment per every referred client who started trading. Any individual or organisation with contacts in the FX/CFD trading community can become a successful “Business Introducer”.

Attention: Attractive conditions, provided by Rockfort Markets, will ease the way to success:

  • No minimum deposit requirement
  • No need to licensed and simple account opening process
  • Extended leverage up to 1:200

Please note that Rockfort markets will conduct a screening process in order to ascertain whether it can enter into a business relation with a certain individual or corporation. In addition, specific restrictions may apply in some jurisdictions.

Rockfort Markets is free to accept or decline any application and shall by no means be liable for any costs, fees, expenses and/or any disbursements either voluntarily consented or required by any applicable laws or regulations in relation with your application and activity as a Business Introducer.

How to become an Introducing Broker

In order to become a Business Introducer for Rockfort Markets, you need to go through a simple procedure, consisting of three easy steps:


Apply for the Business Introducer Programme by simply filling out the standard company or individual application form online. This account will be used to pay the commission.


Contact us and we will send you tailored Introducing Broker agreement specific for your business.


We will allocate you a unique refer code that your clients can use when applying for an account, alternatively you can provide the name for each referral client via email to us

If you have a web source that you would like to promote, don’t forget to mention it when you contact us. It will simplify the procedure of identifying the clients referred to Rockfort Markets through you.

Attention: Remember that the use of domain names containing the word “Rockfort Markets”, or any other reminiscent name is strictly prohibited and may result in a denial of acceptance of a potential partner as an Introducing broker and may lead to legal action.

Please note that no commission rebates shall be granted by Rockfort Markets to clients introduced by you nor shall any amount be paid to you by Rockfort Markets as long as you haven’t been accepted as a Business Introducer. Since Rockfort Markets cannot guarantee that applicant Business Introducers will be finally accepted, applicants are advised not to introduce any clients or to promise any commission rebates until Rockfort Markets confirms they have been accepted as a Business Introducer.

Markup Commission

The external service provider is entitled to offer trading with Rockfort Markets by adding an additional markup for its own service provided to the client. The markup will be charged separately from the brokerage commission based on a previously signed client’s acceptance. The markup amount will be discussed on an individual basis between Rockfort Markets and the external service provider.

A money manager is a person or financial firm that manages the securities portfolio of an individual or institutional investor. Typically, a money manager employs people with various expertise ranging from research and selection of investment options to monitoring the assets and deciding when to sell them.

There are two models:


Named Accounts; this is the standard model

Each of your investors will open an account with Rockfort Markets and get them to sign a Power of Attorney form which we will provide.  We will provide read only logins for each account for the actual client and all the accounts will be controlled by the master MAM account. Individual investors can deposit and withdraw funds from their account and use their account to run reports. A master account will allow the Money manager to trade and for these trades to be split automatically across the sub accounts.

When CFD/Forex trading the Money Manager will trade on behalf of its clients using their own expertise and charge its clients a fee for doing so.

Rockfort Markets can facilitate this by providing a trading account for each of your clients and managing the commission charges on your behalf.  There will be one master account that allows trading and each of your investors can have access to their own account with a read-only investor password, so they can see their own balance and trades you have done on their behalf.

Money manager will apply for a normal account and request to be a money manager.  We will allocate an account in MAM module in MT4 to manage this. 


Unnamed Accounts

If the Money manager wants sub account that are not named, we can set this up in the MAM module, but we will treat the client as one client and it is their responsibility to deal with their investors and margin is pooled into the master account.

The advantages of MAM accounts for Money managers:

  • Bulk order allocation
  • Full feature trading
  • EA trading allowed
  • Easy allocation management

For successful traders, the advantages of a MAM account are obvious. Making profits not only off their own money but off the trades they execute on behalf of their investors. The advantages of MAM accounts for investors.

The advantages of MAM accounts for investors:

  • Benefit from the trading expertise of successful managers.
  • Be able to withdraw from the MAM at any time if they are unsatisfied with how the account manager is performing.
    The Money Manager can impose their own rules on withdrawal windows if required.
  • Be able to diversify their investments across multiple MAMs, reducing risk.

Expand your product offering to include FX, CFDs & other OTC markets using your own brand. We provide fully customizable turn-key solutions that deliver everything you need to provide your customers with access to thousands of THE global markets, under your own brand. Contact us today to find out more about whether this would be suitable for your business.

Why offer forex & CFDs?

  • Create a new revenue stream for your business
  • Cross-sell new profitable products to your customers
  • Stay competitive with your peers 
  • Diversify your business

Setting up your own online trading solution can be time-consuming and expensive. You need to source a platform, add liquidity from multiple providers, address operational and regulatory issues and post significant margin. This ties up your operating capital – capital that could be better used elsewhere in your business. Rockfort Markets join with you to help develop and grow your business. You will receive support in areas like website development and marketing and, most importantly, benefit from the relationships and experience of our team. In addition, we’ll take on your entire back office risk management and trade processing, freeing you up to focus on the important activities of your business.

Benefits for our white label partners:

  • Ease of Set-Up Rockfort Markets
    Markets has streamlined the set-up process, removing the challenges and increasing speed to market so you can have a solution with the minimum of effort.
  • Depth of Product Range
    Choose from: 60+ major and minor foreign currencies; their cross rates; exotics; precious metals; commodities; and index CFDs.
  • Superior Pricing
    Access a superior pricing environment by leveraging leverage off our relationships. The better your relationships and the greater your volume, the better the pricing you will receive.
  • Fast customer on-boarding
    We provide fully automated live and demo account opening, through our optimised and responsive online application forms.
  • Trustworthy provider
    Partner with a regulated provider you can trust Rockfort Markets is a fully regulated Derivate Issuer License holder in New Zealand. We strive to meet the highest standards of governance and transparency.

For professional market participants, Rockfort Markets offers the possibility of API (Application Programming Interface) integration. The Rockfort markets API is based on FIX4.4 protocol. The API is used to receive real-time data feed, submit orders, set / modify / cancel orders, and receive automated notifications of trading activities. With a FIX API connection, users will still be able to use the standard Rockfort Markets trading platforms with its basic functionality. However, the position calculation method (net/global position mode) applied to FIX API accounts is different. 

The minimum conditions to open an API account Minimum deposit is USD 40,000 Minimum volume is 200million USD equivalent nominal per month.

Reason for choosing us as Liquidity provider:

  • Incredible Pricing
    For algorithmic traders, a small pricing edge matters. Receive pricing specifically designed to improve the performance of your trading systems.
  • Quality Execution
    Tight spreads and low latency are useless without reliable execution and high-level click-through rate. We strive to achieve and maintain click-through rates for our clients as their trading evolves, working with clients and LPs globally.
  • Cutting Edge Technology
    To maximise server uptime, ensure a stable environment and offer superior pricing, we invest in high-spec infrastructure that can handle demand and ensure our systems aren’t strained.
  • Security
    We protect and secure your funds by using a segregated trust account, held with a leading AA-rated bank.
  • Mitigated Latency
    Receive order execution in milliseconds with our co-located servers.
  • Platform Agnostic
    We’re connected to the Forex industry through a number of platforms and intermediaries and can cater for even the most complex client setup.
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