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Indices Trading

Trade Major Stock Indices on International Markets Including Asia-Pacific, America and Europe

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What are Indices?

When trading Indices, you’re trading on the performance of a basket of stocks without taking physical ownership of those stocks – Indices give you instant diversification so you can speculate on major market movement.

An index is a grouping of stocks, perhaps the best-known index is the Dow Jones. The value of an index is usually one share of each of the stocks that make up the index. An index allows you to benefit from moves of an overall sector as well as the stocks making up the index.

Indices include the S&P500, the Germany 30, the France 40 as well as the NASDAQ and the FTSE 100. You can trade a variety of global indices with Rockfort Markets.

Trading Indices offers access to a whole new range of markets, meaning you can diversify your trading strategies across uncorrelated instruments as well as take advantage of opportunities that global equities markets present.

Rockfort Markets’ products are risky; please read our PDS.