Trader Workstation

Trader Workstation (TWS) Provides Access to Global Liquidity & Exchanges Across Sharemarkets, Forex Markets, CFD Markets, Options Markets and Futures Markets.

Trader Workstation from Rockfort Markets

Trader Workstation (TWS) provides the largest range of products of any online trading platform in the world with Global Coverage in Stocks, Forex, Options, Stock CFDs, CFDs and Futures.

The Trader Workstation Platform (TWS) is a one stop shop for trading global markets on one platform. Traders get access to a Multi Currency account where they can trade shares on over 30 exchanges worldwide with news and research at your fingertips. Forex Traders will enjoy the specialised FX layout that makes viewing currency pairs and fast execution a breeze. Options Traders will love the Strategy Builder and the ease of which multi legged strategies can be place as one order. TWS have one of the widest ranges of Stock CFDs, along with CFDs on metals, ETFs and commodities available with fast execution abnd detailed reporting. Access the Global markets from One Account.

Trading Technology

Whether You are a Small Trader or Institutional Trader, TWS Has you Covered!

Barrons consistently rates the TWS platform as the best online platfrom in the world. With low fees and superior order execution capabilities the TWS platform lets you execute orders of any size quickly and easily. For large orders SMART routing allows access to dark pools and off exchange liquidity whilst safety setting prevent extreme Fat Finger errors. TWS give you the ability to take charge of your execution and cut out the middle man. If you are an Algo Trader you can link in a variety of third party platforms to fully automate your trading. TWS provides access to common platforms like Ninja Trader, Multicharts and you can even link MT4 via an Order Bridge. Copy Trading is possible on TWS via third party services like Collective 2 or simply take advantage of the Portfolio Trading tools provided on the TWS platform. Forex Traders and CFD Traders will also love the wide range of currency pairs and stock, index, and commodity CFD markets available on the platform with DMA capabilities. Futures traders can access most exchanges in the world across America, Europe and Asia with Straight Through Processing.

Find Your Edge

TWS provides Research and Market Scanning Tools as Well.


Scan the markets based on a variety of fundamental or technical criteria. Look for price points, set alerts and let Trader Workstation do the heavy lifting in identifying trade-able opportunities. There are multiple options to choose from in terms of layout and watchlists.


Streaming news can be sent straight to your platform with a variety of sources to choose from. Top Tier providers including Dow Jones News Wires, Bloomberg and Reuters are available. Screen fundamental statistics provided by Reuters, and review combined analyst reports from some of the most well known institutions on the planet.


Up to date Events Calendars keep you abreast of economic news and corporate events like earnings announcements and dividends. Derivative traders will like calendars that identify contract expiry and rollovers.

Trade Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, Bonds and Funds on over 100 Markets Worldwide

Trade Anywhere

Find Opportunities from Any Location with an Internet Connection!

TWS Mobile App

The TWS Mobile app is one of the most advanced mobile apps on the planet with access to multiple markets, watchlists and tools right from the palm of your hand. Stock Traders will love the ease at which you can monitor your stock portfolio right from your phone, whilst options traders can run scans, place orders and decide on strategies directly from the mobile app. The TWS Mobile App also supports Futures, Forex and ETF Trading directly from the app interface. You can even view your account summary directly from your Smart Phone.

Advantages Web Platform

The TWS platform is unparalleled with its sheer diversity of tradeable products and online trading tools available. Spread Trader allows you to execute across multiple time expiries with one order, Basket Trader lets you trade multiple stocks with one order, or even run pairs trading strategies and you can also run pairs trading strategies with the Pairs Trading Tools. Couple with access to news and fundamentals, and low cost of execution TWS is a highly compelling platform. Don’t be daunted however, because the platform can be kept very simple if all you require is basic order execution.

Some of the Lowest Brokerage rates in New Zealand

Access Deep Discount Brokerage PLUS Great Service from a Dedicated Account Manager

Traders of any size will benefit from the great rates offered by Rockfort Markets for the TWS Platform. Trade US Equities starting at the greater of USD9.95 or two cents per share. Trade ASX Equities from the greater of $18.95 or 0.189%. Options on US and ASX exchanges start at the greater of USD5.00 minimum order or USD2.00 per contract. Futures Traders can trade from as little as USD5.00 per contract on major US markets. These rates are as much as 80% cheaper than purchasing overseas equities through a local bank or full-service broker. Get exposure to US equities with stock like Apple, Tesla, Google, Microsoft, Catapillar and More all available through the platform. European markets are also accessible, including the UK Investment Trust market and even mainland European Stocks. The Depth of Tools, Researh, markets and Deep Discount Brokerage sets TWS apart and as such it is possibly the most widely used online trading platform in the world.

Monitor Your Account
In Depth Information to help you in your trading decisions. TWS provides detailed information and real time position monitoring so you can see where you are at in Real Time.


Set alerts with triggers from price action, technical indicators, dates and even fundamentals. Never miss a trade with multiple notification methods including e-mail, sound or even SMS.


Create as many watchlists across as many screens as you like. Set up watchlists for Stocks or Stock CFDs, Foreign Exchange markets, Bonds, Options, Futures and any other market available on TWS.


Daily activity statements and real time reporting shows your profit and loss based upon marked to market valuations or closed trade valuations. Detailed reporting covers your full trading history or you can break it down. 


A myraid of risk management tools lets you determine settings for maximum order size, analysis, value at risk and other stress testing measures so you can keep a handle on your trading.


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